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Yugi Muto by Vicks-Ryokenichi Yugi Muto :iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 5 0 Yami Muto by Vicks-Ryokenichi Yami Muto :iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 3 0
Yu-gi-oh AU Ch2 Watches and Brothers Pt3
[On the other side of the arcade Honda had just finished using the bathroom when something caught his eye]
Hm? A crane game huh.  Hey wait...( that looks like one of those D-Shock watches that my sister's been bugging me to get for her. And its so close to the drop chute) Well~ it looks like my lucky day.
*hummn* humnn* come on~ *click humnn clank* Yes! Now to go an see how vicks and the others are doing...
Hey man. What do think your doin with my watch? Because i don't remember sayin you could have it.
"your" watch? Sorry but i got this one out of the machine.
Ya and its mine. After all i payed 85 U.S dollars worth for that watch in that machine. And i'm not gona let some Japanese punk who i don't even know take it. You understand.
Humf well its not my fault you wasted all your allowance that your mom gave you.
What was that punk?! {in English: N**ga you just made the wrong move.} *click* *slash*
Whoa! Hay man if you want a fight then take it OUT SIDE! *PUNCH*
*thud* Guhh arrug {
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The Original mystic five by Vicks-Ryokenichi The Original mystic five :iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 2 0 Two faces by Vicks-Ryokenichi Two faces :iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 1 0 When you let your mind go by Vicks-Ryokenichi When you let your mind go :iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 0 0
Yu-gi-oh AU Ch2 Watches and Brothers Pt2
Yo! Yugi! And Vicks glad ya could make it.
Hn? What's eatin him?
I don't know... but it seemed like grampa really wanted Vicks to go with us. (i just don't know why)
Huh...Well Vicks the only thing ya need to worry about is me beatin ya at all the new games.
Well with how bad you are at video games Jounochi. He shouldn't have any thing to worry about.
Huh what was that Honda? Ya don't think i can beat you at a video game huh. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is!
Fine! First one to use up all their coins loses.
Fine! By the way got any spare change? I kinda used the last of mine on the train.
Well then i guess your out Jounochi.
What?! Come on man! Yugi...ya think i could...
Sure. you go.
Thanks bud. Now lets go beat some games!
Ya! Uh Vicks...
Hey ya comin?
Huh? Uh ya... just give me a minute...
[with in moments Yugi Honda and Jounochi was having a blast. Honda had found a shooter that he had taken a liking to and Yugi an Jounochi where dukeing it out at
:iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 1 0
Monster pear by Vicks-Ryokenichi Monster pear :iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 0 0
Yu-gi-oh AU Ch2 Watches and Brothers
[A few days had passed since the school festival. Yugi and his friends had been planing to go to the arcade on the up coming weekend. Something Vicks was unsure of doing.]
Hey its ok if ya don't want to go.
Ya. We won't hold it against you.
Ya... i just... i just need some time to think about it.
Ok Vicks. Well~ * Yaaaaawn * See ya guys tomorrow.
Later man.
Bye guys!
Come on yugi lets head on back.
[latter that night at the Mutou's residence]
Dang...(I've been here almost a month! And i still know nothing about the millennium puzzles powers or the dangers it could hold.) *arrrg* (Why the hell did they put ME on this case? I'm not good at this under cover blending in stuff. Its... just too stressful and it feels wrong. Even with Mr. Mutou here to help me... i can't help but feel rushed. I mean it is his grandson and no doubt he wants to know if Yugi will be save keeping the puzzle) *Uggg* its just too much to think about!
[just then Vicks got the feeling of piercing eyes looking right a
:iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 2 0
Yu-gi-oh AU Ch1 end Fun And Games
[The day of the school festival]
Yugi... I'm sorry about what happened to you and classes game stand. but some times all you can do is...
Hay yugi! your not gonna believe this!
Uh what is it Jonouchi?
Come on! Ya got to see it for ya self.
[Vicks and Yugi shared a confused look before heading off after jonouchi]
[once they got there the look of shock and awe was clear across their faces]
And how?
We don't know it was just like this when we got here this morning.
It a miracle! Our carnival games are back!
Ya and it looks like who ever did this added a few more games to the ones you guys did.
This is great! Right Anzu?
Yes... it is Yugi.
Now every one can enjoy our carnival games!
But i wonder just who tha heck rebuilt all this stuff.
Hmm... i think... i might have a clue... Look at this.
[Dear Class B students i wish to apologize for what my two sons have done to you and you protect for the school festival so my son and i have done our best to rebuild what was broken. Signed
:iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 2 0
Yu-gi-oh AU Ch1 Shadow Games And A Dark Soul
[later that night at the school infirmary]
We'll be sure to catch the ones responsible Ms. You just need to try to stay safe and help your friends.
I understand officer. And thank you for helping me get them to the infirmary.
*nod* Take care young Ms.
I will. (I hope they can catch them so this wont happen again ... I should probably go and check on how Yugi and the others are doing.)
[meanwhile in the school infirmary]
Nnm huh? HA (What-what am i doing at a hospital?! I need to get out of here quick before...) Ow! Oh~ what hit me? Oh right... that gang.
{*sleep talk* mmm Get your hands off...thatss myy sandwich...ya jerkk.} *Zzzz zz*
(jees... sounds like Yugis friend talks in his sleep)...and looks like he broke his arm and a few of his ribs. But what about Yugi?
Oh! Your both up. (Thank goodness)
(Both?) Oh Yugi. Is he ok?
Ya... i'm fine. What about you and Jonouchi?
Well it looks like hes got a busted arm and a few cracked ribs. But...
God... That a
:iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 2 0
Seto Kaibas Millennium Rod/Axe/Sword by Vicks-Ryokenichi Seto Kaibas Millennium Rod/Axe/Sword :iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 2 0
Yu-gi-oh AU Ch1 Carnival Games And Sizzling Pain
[today we start off with Yugi and his friends in class]
Hey guys good news!
What is it Anzu?
Well i just got the news from the principle that all the classes can now start work on the school festival!
Oh wow Anzu that is good news.
jees i thought you said we wouldn't be working on this till next week Anzu!
The only reason we had to wait so long was because of that escaped convict. And plus weren't you the one who wanted to get started right away?
Ya... i was but...
Then stop complaining and start helping!
Ok ok Ms princess~! *clunk* OW!
Oh sorry. Hey can some one give me some help me with this?
*grumble* don't worry I've got it.
Thanks Jonouchi.
[A few hours later]
Hey yugi i'm almost done with the Blackbeard barrel. How are you doin?
I'm just about... finished!
Hey that looks pretty good (Ha i cant wait to see the loser who gets stuck wearing that)
It should fit your head just perfect Jonouchi!
*urgk* WHAT!?
Haha looks like Jonouchi going to get to be Blackbeard for the pop the pirate
:iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 2 0
Yu-gi-oh AU Chapter 1 A Stranger And A Killer
[Later the next day at school]
So some guy from the U.S is gonna be stayin at your place for awhile huh?
Yep. I still don't know what he's going to be like though. I just hope we can get along...
Well if he gives ya any grief ya can just count on me i'll straiten him out for ya.
Um thanks Jonouchi...
By the way have you been noticing that Anzu has been acting a bit off lately?
Now that you mention it... she has looked a little stressed out lately. And we haven't been walking home together as much but i'm sure it's just because she's been really busy lately after school.
Ya~ but busy with what? Could it be...she's dating for pay?
W-WHAT NO! Anzu wouldn't DO that!
Ah your blushing Yugi.
No I-i'm not! Any way Anzu would never do some thing like that. so...just stop saying stuff like that Ok jonouchi?
Ok. ok. I promise. But ya know i really would like to know where shes been getin all that money shes been using...
Money? What money?
The money shes been using to get the full school lunch la
:iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 2 0
Yu-gi-oh AU Chapter 1 Prologue
writers note: This Yu-gi-oh AU story is based on the first Yu-gi-oh Manga and some of the zero season of yu-gi-oh. If you are reading this i suggest you read the manga to get a better understanding of some bits of the story. Also when reading try thinking of the art stile of Batman the animated series, Disney's gargoyles,Kaijudo, Shaman King and or Yu yu hakusho as this AU takes a LOT of inspiration from them. Thank you and please enjoy.
[Our story starts with a young high schooler by the name of Yugi Mutou and his Grandfather Solomon Mutou getting ready for the day.]
Bye grandpa!
Oh! Yugi wait! There's something i need to... (door closes) tell you... Keh kids these days always in a rush. Oh well i can just tell him when he gets back.
[Later in class]
All Right every one it's time for...
You to show us your pantys~!  (takes a book to the face *THUNK* ) Ow~...
Dumb ass... what did he think was gonna happen?
Anzu is scary when she's mad...
OK then. Now~ that that's out of the way. I
:iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 2 0
Yugis and Yamis Millennium puzzle by Vicks-Ryokenichi Yugis and Yamis Millennium puzzle :iconvicks-ryokenichi:Vicks-Ryokenichi 4 0


Sketch:Family game by TSUTAYA07 Sketch:Family game :icontsutaya07:TSUTAYA07 690 144 Power of Love - UPDATED - by Silvre Power of Love - UPDATED - :iconsilvre:Silvre 95 24 Chapter Black: Pain of Loss by TheAmericanDream Chapter Black: Pain of Loss :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 76 42 You're A Messy by TheAmericanDream You're A Messy :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 250 66 DSoD 1st Anniversary by Ycajal DSoD 1st Anniversary :iconycajal:Ycajal 166 14 judai have a duo with yugi in alternative future by tfcuantica judai have a duo with yugi in alternative future :icontfcuantica:tfcuantica 15 5 Reverse-scribble by tfcuantica Reverse-scribble :icontfcuantica:tfcuantica 20 9 Kaiba and yugitroll by tfcuantica Kaiba and yugitroll :icontfcuantica:tfcuantica 20 3 [DSoD] The US Dub XD by Ycajal [DSoD] The US Dub XD :iconycajal:Ycajal 112 32 The Sacrfice by darkness333 The Sacrfice :icondarkness333:darkness333 80 6 Summoning by paanpanpanda Summoning :iconpaanpanpanda:paanpanpanda 56 8 Yami Zero by LazyNinjartist Yami Zero :iconlazyninjartist:LazyNinjartist 26 6 COM  Maestros most inspired piece by doubleWbrothers COM Maestros most inspired piece :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 187 41 Road Trip: Early Morning Breakfast by Earthsong9405 Road Trip: Early Morning Breakfast :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 502 30 [Tribute] Yami Yugi by Stelleris [Tribute] Yami Yugi :iconstelleris:Stelleris 61 11 Yami Yugi ( Yugioh) Commission by necronika Yami Yugi ( Yugioh) Commission :iconnecronika:necronika 42 6



I wish we could have a series like this. Rather then just a movie.
Just a Yu-gi-oh anime with a all the Yu-Gi-Oh worlds forced together by some mad man.
Who wan'ts to make the perfect RPG with the Yu-gi-oh universe as his game table and all the heroes and their friends as his pawns and play things.
So the heroes must figure out whats going on and learn how to work together to end the madness with out falling in to their own madness.

Ohhh it give me chills just thinking about it!

This video gave me the idea 
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