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On board the Axalon Time: 10 clicks since Orion Primal had his team put his plan into action

(boowm) (powft) (pew pew) (pew) ((BOOM))

Oh for crying out loud (Boom) bossbot i'm beginnin to think you've got your wires crossed cuss this plan (BOOOWM) IS SUICIDE~! I ssstill say my plan to board their ship was more strategically sound and didn't have us running like cowards... Trust me Dinobot (boom fizzt) Gah i wish it hadn't come to this any more then (boom) the rest of us!

(*Warning* *Warning* hull breach in sectors 4 and 5)

Slag! Cheetor Seal off thos sectors! On it!

(*sealing doors to sectors 3/4 and 5/6*)  
(*sectors 4 and 5 hull breach contained*)

Fhoo~ Primal i'm not sure how much more this ship can take after that last hit...
I know Rhinox. We just need to... Hey excuse me here but duss any one else notice something sounds a bit off? What do you mean rattrap? Y-ya I don't hear any thing. Exactly my point! They stopped shootin! B-but why would they do that bossbot? Hmm...

[On board the Darksyde]

Ah~ yes just like maximals to run rather then fight. Tarantulas! Yes Galvaton? Bring the main canon to full power~ i want to savor their final moments proper yess. Of course Galvaton... how ever it may take some time to charge the main canon to that point. No mater~. After all what chance do they have? Their ship is far too damaged to escape or fight back. Even if they could their leader is nothing more then a young fool playing fallow the leader and trying to deny the inevitable.
{and with them gone the secret of the primes will be mine~} Yes...

[back on the Axalon]

They must be readying for a final assault... One i do not believe we will survive.
We still have a chance Dinobot. Oh ya~ really cuss i sure as slag don't see it. A-are you sure bigbot? Positive. Well~ i'm glad some one still thinks so (Shut up Rattap!) So what do we do primal? Rhinox can you get us with in that planets gravitational pull? We can use our tractorbeam on the Darksyde. To pull it in close enough and fast enough to take out their main guns and take them down. Lets do it. Should this plan fail primal... would like to... Eh save the sentiment for later lizard bot We've got a canon to shoot down! Grr status report!

Tractorbeam at 68% and locked on
Locking on to Darksydes main canons now.
Tractorbeam engaged!
All guns: locked on and ready to fire!

[On board the Darksyde]

Sir! Lord Galvatron sir! They've locked on to us and they have us in a Tractorbeam! Ahgk t-they must be planing to take us down with them to the planet! Ah~ so you wish to have last shot young primal. But it will not save you not! No~ For i'm afraid this little game ends now.

[Gavatron/Orion primal: FIRE!!!]
i got a new one and got the geek squad to fix it up for me. But~ i've got a lot of work to do till its back the way i like it. So sorry no TFP AU for awhile.
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HTTYD The Lycanwing by Vicks-Ryokenichi
HTTYD The Lycanwing
The lycanwing is like the cuckoo of dragons it will some times lay its eggs in the nest of other dragons or steal the eggs of other dragons and add them to its nest even humans aren't safe from a brooding mother Lycanwing.
Lycanwings can only lay 1 or 2 eggs of their own at a time. So to increase its eggs chances of survival it will put its eggs with other dragons nests that have strong family bonds. This means if it sees a good family that looks out for one another it will exchange eggs with them.  And once a baby lycanwing hatches it will start to mimic the look and sounds of the dragon or creature it sees as its parents.  
This dragon is vary hard to make out from other dragons and or humans once its has perfected its mimicking powers.  It uses wood, bones, old dragon scales, leather and deathsong amber or tree sap to help with its mimicking. and

 Its best at mimicking Smothering smokebreaths, Night terrors, young Cave crashers, young Deadly nadders, young Thornridges, Speed stingers , Bone nappers, Snifflehunch, young Rumblehorns, young Armorwings, young Flightmares, young Sweet deaths, young Woolly howlers, young Night furys, young Changewings and of course humans.  To do this it uses its color changing skin and quills and add in stuff it finds like wood, bones, old dragon scales, leather, old clothes and deathsong amber or tree sap and you wont be able to tell it a part. 

NOTE: This dragon has retractable claws tail quills and wings.

Attack 10
Top Speed 16 (on all fours) 28 (wile in speed stinger mimic)
Armor  ?
Shot limit ?
Venom ?
jaw strength ?
stealth 21 


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