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[later that night at the school infirmary]

We'll be sure to catch the ones responsible Ms. You just need to try to stay safe and help your friends.
I understand officer. And thank you for helping me get them to the infirmary.
*nod* Take care young Ms.
I will. (I hope they can catch them so this wont happen again ... i wonder how Yugi and the others are doing.)

[meanwhile in the school infirmary]

Nnm huh? HA (what-what am i doing at a hospital?! i need to get out of here before.) Ow! Oh.. what hit me? Oh right...
{*sleep talk* mmm Get your hands off...thatss myy sandwich...ya jerkk.} *Zzzz zz*
(Gees... sounds like Yugis friend talks in his sleep)...and looks like he broke his arm and a few of his ribs. But what about Yugi?
Oh! Your both up. (Thank goodness)
(both?) Oh Yugi. Is he ok?
Ya... i'm fine. What about you and Jonouchi?
Well it looks like hes got a busted arm and a few cracked ribs. But...
God... That almost gave me a fuckin heart attack!
Heh heh. Thats Jonouchi for you...
Well you should both try to get some more rest.
Uh wait Anzu what about the carnival games?
Sorry Yugi... we'll have to wait till next year...
*Growl* What do you mean next year?! You mean to tell me that every thing you and your class was working on is GONE! *Growl* Fuck this! i'm gona hunt those pigs down.
Wait vicks... uhg i need to get some more girl friends.  

[just a hour after Vicks left]

[Yugi couldn't sleep. He just couldn't stop thinking about every thing that happened. He felt...angry at him self for not being able to do any thing. And at the gang who hurt his friends and classmates.]
[ in that moment shadows engulfed Yugi Motuo and his body changed to better suit the new soul who had taken over]
Don't worry Yugi. I will avenge you and your friends.
[The shadows in his eyes moved like flames looking to engulf those who had trespassed on the souls of Yugis friends. As he took off into the night]
[Meanwhile Vicks was looking for clues as to why the gang wanted this spot so bad when they couldn't come back to use it.] Some one must have payed the's assholes to do this. But who?
[just in ear shot of vicks] Haha i wish i could have seen there faces. Oh no~ not our carnival games~ haha. What a stupid bunch of losers.
I know right. But hey i hear that Goro was the one who payed them to do it. So he could put up his Okonomiyaki stand in best spot for the school festival.
Is that So~?
Ya crazy righ ... huh?  *Gak*
Tell me. Where can i find him.
I d-don't know what y-your talking about!
Where can i find Goro?!
H-he lives at the dojo just down the road from here. Please don't hurt me... *Uoof*

[just As Vicks took off to the Inogashira family dojo.]

[The other soul in Yugi had just found the leader of the Katana no yami gang]

Uhg...monsters m-monsters get them off...
Help me its s-so dark. Mommy~
What the hell is going on here? Get up snap out of it! You. Just who the hell are you?!
It's game time Leader.
[the shadows engulfed the room only a pool table was left visible]
What do you want?
What i want is to avenge those whos souls and bodys you've hurt.
By what? Playing a game of pool?
Pfft ha ha ha~ alright but When i win i'll be the one avenging the boys in my gang that you knocked out!
Very well. But this will be no ordinary game of pool. For i have all ready made this room in to a shadow duel.
So whats that mean you get to cheat? Because i can do that too.
No in fact its quite the opposite those who cheat in a shadow duel are punished.
A fair fight huh. Haven't had one of those in a looong time. Ok i'll play fair if you will kid.
Vary well. Game start.
[A pole appeared in each players hand and the billiard balls became visible]

[But as the pool game was getting underway Vicks was now face to face with the master of the Inogashira family dojo after he challenged Goro for hiring the Katana no yami gang]

You dare spit accusations of my son working with those out casts! For that i will fight you.
Fine if i have to go through you to get to him. THEN SO BE IT! Rarrrrr~
[Vicks Moved fast towards his target who was ready to block it. To bad it was a faint. Vicks Landed a punch to the masters lower right rib cage fallowed up by a knee at his gut. That was barely blocked by the master]
Even your fighting stile is deceptive.
[Vicks leaned down and jumped back to avoid a punch aimed at his head]
They say the proud who have been deceived can be deceived again and again till they become humble. Will that be you? Or i?
[Vicks moved in fast with an open palm arm trust at the masters jaw only to be blocked by the masters arm. the master countered with a downward chop at Vicks neck. Vicks twisted and pulled himself back]
(Holy shit that was too close. I can't let that happen again...)

[Meanwhile at the shadow billiard duel]

Ha looks like i got a good split. And already got three of my balls down the holes. Let me see you beat that brat.
Vary well.
[Lowing him self down. He aimed for a ball that he felt would help him catch up to the gang leader] *click click click tump thump* * click thump*
Ya got to be kidding me... [*eye twitch*] (This kid an't no amateur... but i can't lose...should i really cheat?) Ok my turn... [looks his opponent in the eyes] (i can't... No i don't have to)
[The leader leaned in for his shot] *click click tump click* *click tump*
Hmm well that was a good shot. It looks like this isn't going to be easy for ether of us to win.
No kidding. By the way kid?
Are you really not going to cheat?
... no. I don't need to cheat to win.
Hah that's what i use to say when i was your age... but then i lost to a cheater. And well i lost my dream... So take your shot kid. Show me you can win with out cheating!
[The boy nodded and smiled as he readied himself for the shot]  

[Meanwhile Vicks on the other hand]

[The master was now on the offensive landing at least five blows on Vickss arms and shoulders even worse he was still in pain from getting hit by a Six inch thick serving grill yesterday]
(fuck i don't know how much more i can take. With out exposing my secret... huh? He...stopped?)
Do you surrender young one?!
[Vicks glared]
No. *gahf* N-not t-till he knows what he's done to them. DO YOU HERE ME! YOU HURT SO MEANY JUST SO YOU COULD TAKE THEIR SPOT FOR YOUR GRILL! Because of you...
Enough! Young man... instead of fighting and yelling. How about you tell me your story instead.
What?! Dad you can't really believe this random foreigners lies!
Goro I will believe what i want to believe. And right now i want to believe in the truth of this young mans feelings. So young man tell me what has happened to you.
[As Vicks sat down to tell his side of the story to the master. Goro decided it best to sneak off into the night wile he still had the chance.]

[He then headed to a bar where unbeknownst to him a shadow game was still taking place]

*click click thump click thup*
(I don't believe it. He got it even with such an impossible shot...) Ya know what kid i give up. You can have this one.
[clearly confused] You forfeit?
Yep your too good at this kid. Plus billiard ball was never really my thing. I'm more of a fistta cuffs guy. But i lost sight of that dream long ago...Thanks for the game kid.
[the shadows of the shadow game disappeared]
... What will you do now?
Don't know... Maybe should give boxing another shot.
Hey Kogi! I need you to help me with something! There is this foreigner who found out what i had you do to those guys with the carnival games i need you to take him out.
Sorry but i'm not doing your dirty work any more brother you've dug your hole now you've got to sit in it. Your just lucky a foreigner told dad the truth and not me. heh heh
W-what is that supposed to mean? Hey Kogi!  
[And with that said he then picked up his gang buddies and left]
Heh heh heh.
What do you think your laughing at?
A loser who's lied and cheated his way in to his own pit of shame.
Why you smug little. I'LL tech you not to... [charges strait at him]
The door of darkness has been opened.
Wha eh?  WAAAAAAAHH~ i'm FAAaaaling! Help meeee~!
Enjoy the true illusion of how far you've fallen. Heh heh.

[now out on the street]

Dam where did that little bastard Goro go? He must have run off wile i was talking to his old man. Arrrg
If your looking for Goro he's at the bar over there.
Uh... thanks.
By the way tell your friends i'm sorry for what me and my boys did.
... [Vicks looked at the man and could tell he was being sincere. The man then road off on his motorbike. leaving vicks to his thoughts]
(Huh gess he's not really that bad of a guy)...Crap what am i doing i need to go get that Goro guy *bump*... ow~ (huh? it's that kid from the burger place. The one who lit that nut job on fire.)
Hay you ok?
Yes i'm fine.
So whats your name?
I don't have one...
Yes... But yugi is fine.
Ya. But your not Yugi are ya.
N-no i'm not but i... don't know who or what i am i just am. I don't really think i need my own name do i?
You share a body but both of you have your own souls. Your going to need your own name. (Even if its just so i can tell them apart) hmm what do you think. What kind of name would you like?
...i don't know.
*sigh* All right well... [Vicks looked at him and in to his eyes where he could see dark shadows and his soul] I've got it! How about Yami Mutou?
Yami? Mutou?
Ya because your like yugis shadow. (That and this guys soul is pitch black. Best i don't tell him that i don't whant him to get the wrong idea. Plus he feels like he's not the evil sort of black)
(like a shadow huh) Yami ... Mutou [smile] i think like it. Thank you.
Heh well your welcome Mr Yami. By the way did you happen to see a guy with a weird split hair stile named Goro?
Hm oh him. Yes. But i all ready dealt with him. He wont be causing any more pain for others.
Ya didn't light him on fire did ya?
[Looks at Vicks with a raised eyebrow]
HAHaha just kidding. We've had one hell of a night so lets just head back to Mr Mutous game shop and get some sleep.

[And with that Yami and Vickss day finally came to a happy end. But who knows what lies ahead]
Seto Kaibas Millennium Rod/Axe
After Shadi duels Yami and sees him fit to keep the millennium puzzle he keeps an eye out for the others that are worthy of the millennium items powers.

Powers it can knock out or restrain those with a weak will and mind. It can also be thrown like a boomerang and Seto can call it to his hand at any time he feels he needs it. and the handle can extend so it can be used to vault over things and people.

Seto: Your in my way... {uses rod} *every one falls to the ground and Seto v
aults up on to Blue eyes and flys away*

Link to my Yu-gi-oh AU Folder…
[today we start off with Yugi and his friends in class]

Hey guys good news!
What is it Anzu?
Well i just got the news from the principle that all the classes can now start work on the school festival!
Oh wow Anzu that is good news.
jees i thought you said we wouldn't be working on this till next week Anzu!
The only reason we had to wait so long was because of that escaped convict. And plus weren't you the one who wanted to get started right away?
Ya... i was but...
Then stop complaining and start helping!
Ok ok Ms princess~! *clunk* OW!
Oh sorry. Hey can some one give me some help me with this?
*grumble* don't worry I've got it.
Thanks Jonouchi.

[A few hours later]

Hey yugi i'm almost done with the Blackbeard barrel. How are you doin?
I'm just about... finished!
Hey that looks pretty good (Ha i cant wait to see the loser who gets stuck wearing that)
It should fit your head just perfect Jonouchi!
*urgk* WHAT!?
Haha looks like Jonouchi going to get to be Blackbeard for the pop the pirate game.
Good luck Jonouchi.
Screw you guys!

[Mean wile just out side the carnival games lot]

Hello is Yugi Mutou here?
Um that's me. Is something wrong?
No... it's just that there's a foreigner walking around the school grounds saying he came here to see you.
Oh really? where is he?
(*Hey yugi isn't that the guy who your grandpa said was going to be staying with you?*)
huh? Oh ya but he didn't show up yesterday. i wonder why...
Hmm oh you must be Yugi. It's nice to finally get to meet you.
It's nice meet you too... But what are you doing here at my school?
Well i came here to see if i could help you with your carnival games that your grandfather told me you and your class was working on.
Really? Umm well... i don't know...
*crack* *SPROooNING* *crash* OH COME ON! Really? It broke again?
That's third time its broke...
Hmm looks like the wood your using for the gears needs to be reinforced.
What makes you think that.
The gears keep breaking right? Then why don't you try cutting out some of that sheet metal to reinforce the gears.

[a few minutes later]

Ok here it goes...*click click click* YES IT WORKS!
That's great now we have a conveyor belt for the targets on our shooter game. Thanks.
Wow how did you know how to do that.... um sorry i still don't know your name.
Oh um well it's Vicks. Vicks Maxwell. And i just... like to work with metals and wood alot.
Well thanks for the help.
Ya not too bad for a foreigner.
Hope you don't mind me sticking around to help now?
No. Not at all.

[Meanwile just out side the carnival games lot]

Well what do we have here? carnival games huh. Heh well not for much longer. Come on boys time to get down to business.
I sorry sir but mind telling me what you think your doing? This is school grounds and your... *Smack*
I know where i am bitch. Now if your smart you'll stay out of our way.
(Whats his...Wait those guys must be the people the principle was warning us about. Oh no. I need to get help an FAST. I know there is an officer that's normally on patrol around near the school i'll have to get him)

[in side the carnival games lot]

That sounded like Anzu.
Anz who?
Hey wait... who are those guys?
I don't know. But one things for sure they look like trouble.
And what if we don't wanna leave? Because i an't leavin with out a fight!
Jonouchi the's guys are dangerous lets just leave we can just...
Yugi some times ya need to learn to stand your ground. Other wise punks like this will just walk allover ya and every thing you care about!
Your friends right Yugi. Plus after all the work you and you class put in to this do you really want them to have to through it all away?
[yugi looked in to the eyes of his classmates they were scared but they didn't want to give up ether]
HAHA so your not going to leave then?
Not a chance Mr king of the Sword monkeys!
(ah well... he looks pissed. I sure hope Yugis friend can handle a fight cuss it looks like hes got one)
Take them out... NOW!
Oh ya hes pissed.
RAAAAh *punch* Pah Gak *smack** Kick kick kick* *PUNCH* Drrraahgk~
Now get the fuck *grab* OUT! *toss*
AAAAAH~ *Thud* OGHf uuhg So ... you think you've won don't you?
Heh We know we won now boss monkey you and your gang better get your asses out of here before we plant your faces back in the ground!
(Wow Jonouchi and Vicks can really fight...)
We did it we... We beat the Katana no Yami gang! Its a miracle!
Hmm (somethings not right) Wait whats tha... EVERY ONE GET DOWN! GAAHK!
Ah~! *Bang* *thud* uung...
AHHHg *crack* *thud* *flop* Arg my arm...*Kick* Arrgh ya dirty... stinkin basterrrds....ung.
Ha ha... didn't i tell you? THIS SPOT BELONGS TO US! Now then set the grill down over there boys and we can leave this garbage here *kick* to rot.
[Later the next day at school]

So some guy from the U.S is gonna be stayin at your place for awhile huh?
Yep. I still don't know what he's going to be like though. I just hope we can get along...
Well if he gives ya any grief ya can just count on me i'll straiten him out for ya.
Um thanks Jonouchi...
By the way have you been noticing that Anzu has been acting a bit off lately?
Now that you mention it... she has looked a little stressed out lately. And we haven't been walking home together as much but i'm sure it's just because she's been really busy lately after school.
Ya~ but busy with what? Could it be...she's dating for pay?
W-WHAT NO! Anzu wouldn't DO that!
Ah your blushing Yugi.
No I-i'm not! Any way Anzu would never do some thing like that. so...just stop saying stuff like that Ok jonouchi?
Ok. ok. I promise. But ya know i really would like to know where shes been getin all that money shes been using...
Money? What money?
The money shes been using to get the full school lunch lately. For some one like Anzu who's never bought more then an apple for lunch it seems kinda strange...
... when you put it that does seem kind of odd.
Alright that settles it after school were gonna fallow her and find out what she's up to!

[Later after school]

Jonouchi... i really don't think...
(glance) hmm...
[pulls yugi in to a hiding spot] Whoa...that was close. Heh heh shes good but i'm still better...
This isn't a game jonouchi. if she sees us fallowing her shes going to be really mad.
Come on i just saw her go this way.
Oh~ come on jonouchi this is... huh?
Burger world?
What? Why would she be at Burger world? (i thought she didn't like that place)
Hm... Well we won't know till we go in side. Might as well get a burger wile
Hello and wel...come to... (oh no not HIM)
Uh... Anzu...what are you...

[a few awkward moments latter]

Man~ talk about a scoop. Heh heh no wonder she was trying to keep this a secret.
Jonouchi... she looked really mad. So please don't make it worse. (but she did look really cute in her uniform though)
HeRE yOu go~ and here have some of our fresh ketchup!
{ketchup writing *TELL AND YOU DIE*}
Well now that you know my secret. i guess i should tell you why. You see it's my dream to become a Broadway dancer in america.  
Wow really Anzu?
Yep that's why i'm working here. To save up enough money.  so please...
Heh don't worry Anzu. I'd rather choke to death on one of these ketchup burgers then ruin some one's dream. By the way these burgers...
Don't worry those are on me. and i'll go get you some more with less ketchup.
Thank you Anzu!

[As Jonouchi and Yugi ate. Another young man was now thinking about Anzus story]

A Broadway dancer huh... that a pretty big dream. Hope she can make it happen. (*munch*) hmm the burgers here aren't too good. Oh well i could all ways...
Now what?
*sigh* (really... well i guess this must be that guy i heard about on the radio that broke out of jail and it looks like he's already got a hostage... huh wait that's that girl with the dream...)
*BANG* Every one on the floor now! and the first one who trys some thing funny gets shot.
(well shit he's got every one down on their hands an knees. Well except me... looks like he can't see me behind this wall and fake plant. Hmm but hes already sat down so i can't easily get to him...)
You there! the wimpy kid with the spiky hair get me some alcohol and some cigarettes! NOW! I'M FEELING LUCKY~Today! Ahaha~ *BANG BANG*
(that's three shots. That type of revolver can only hold five or six rounds... but i still don't think i sneak up on a guy like this with out...)
*SMACK* Shut up bitch!
HEY who said you could sit down! Do you think this game kid?! this gun an't a toy!
I know i just thought you wold like some entertainment.
(entertainment huh? I guess might as well just kill my boredom along with this brat heh) ... Fine what are the rules?
(just who the heck is this kid and whats this creepy vibe i'm getting from him? And also did his voice get really deep? It's almost like kid's more of a threat then the nut job. Huh... Interesting.)
Just one rule you can only move one finger once the game starts. Which one will you chose?
My trigger finger of course.
Then i'll chose my thumb. Game Start.
And its game ove...*click foosh* (oh that's right i did't get to light my cigarette. I'll let him do that then send him off with a bang)
Here you can take that lighter with you... to hell. Come on Anzu. By the way that alcohol you've been poring is Russian vodka its 180 proof and 90% alcohol.
I can't M-move! But but my luck... it was supposed to be my lucky day... {cigarette falls} *FWOOOSH* GRHAAAAAHG~!! Heeellp meeee~!
Holy hell... (looks like i was right about that kid.) Hmm well at least my stay here in japan wont be boring heh.


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