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[time 8:30 pm Location Some where in the rocky mountains the Maxwell household]

Maxwell Sir we've found what appears to be the remains of four people.
Any ID?
No. Not yet sir. we've sent them to the lab. We should know by tomorrow sir.
Thank you. I'll let you and your men take it from here. Dismissed.
Ya know Primal it's gona be hard to find out any thing with how bad those thugs burned every thing up...
I know that bill. But... huh? who? ((moms gone... it hurts)) vicks... HE'S ALIVE!
What?! How do you know that...HEY PRIMAL WHARE IN SAM HILL *huff huff* are you... going? Is that a bomb shelter?
its a storm shelter...
Ya well same thing. So did your kid know about this?
No but April did. I'm sure she told him about it. GRRR
primal I don't care how strong you think you are but your never gona get that open with out a...
HOLY LADY LIBERTY?!! *BOOMFT Thud* How~ in sam hell did you just... do that?!
Got it. I'M COMING VEX~!
Hay hold it! ... *sigh* i'll go call the medic...

[Down at the bottom of the bomb shelter/storm shelter]

Dam it why... couldn't i save her. Why...WHY COULDN'T I SAVE MOM!!
Vex! Vex! VEX!
Dad? DAD! *umff*
It's alright son i'm here...i'm right here.
Dad mom... mom is...
I know...
I couldn't save her or miss Jess. I couldn't do any thing!!!

[three years later]

Vicks i think your gona like it living here in jasper. Its a real nice place.
Ya...what ever... just as long as i don't have to live in a tent or the cab of your truck any more i'll be fine.
hmm Vicks listen. I know its been hard for both of us. but i need you to do what Ms. Darby needs you to. She works real hard as a nurse and she has a son of her own so i need you two to...  
Get along. I get it.
And look after him. I'll be coming by and calling in to see how your doing.
Uh huh...
*sigh* Welp we're here! Ah June! How are you!
I'm doing fine. thank you. oh would like me to help you with that?
No. I've got it miss.
Oh who's that over there?
Oh that's Jackson. Jack~ why don't you come over and say hi?
Hmm how old is he now?
Oh well he's just about to turn 13 now. and he's vary~ shy. Especially after what happened with well me and you know... i don't know why i ever married him.
You needed a father for your son.
Yes...but now i don't think any one could done it other than Jon...
I miss him too June. He was a good man and vary good friend. And would have made a great father.
Ah oh well then um.. Orion why don't you come have lunch with us?
I'd enjoy that. By the way you wouldn't happen to have any banana nut muffins would you?

[meanwhile up stairs in the guest room]

*Hooof* well that should be it. now i can just...
um hello?
Huh? Who... oh you must be jack. um nice to meat ya!
em what are doing?
Getting settled in...i guess. What about you?
I'm not sure...
HAHA what do mean your not sure?
H-hay wait! I wasn't laughing at you! hold up! wha~AH gah hah! *crash* *thud* ow~
Oh my gosh are you alright? Can you get up?
Ya i can get up ow scrap that hurt.
Scrap? What is that supposed to mean?
It's something i taught him to help keep him from cursing.
Oh really. well hopefully it will work. Because there will be NO cursing in this house understand?
Y-yes mam...
Mom does he really have to stay here?
Yes honey he does. And i need you two to get along and be friends. ok?
... ok mom i'll try.
Thank you. Now! Who's hungry?
Ahh ya~ food~.

[things are changing for Vicks and the Darbys whether it is good or bad only the future knows for sure]
And then what happened dad? Did they crash did they die?
Haha well i guess you'll have to wait till i get get back from work tomorrow.
Ahh~ come on dad just a little more?
No. After all i'm not the only one having to work tomorrow. Both of us need to be wide awake to do what we need to tomorrow.
*yaaawn* ugg i hate it when you have to go...unnm
Good night~
Goood night dad~ mmm.

[all the Maxwells slept unaware that the storm of change was coming]

Goood *yawn~* morning.
Well good morning Vicks did you sleep well?
Ya sort of...*grr* noisy crickets... I wish i could just roast um.
Hmm well i suppose i could cook some cricket stir fry for diner to night...
*Ehk* I didn't mean i wanted to eat um!
Lower your voice vicks. And what do i always say?
Don't kill it unless your gona eat it.
Yes that and bugs are just as good as a stake.
So~ is dad still here or...did he leave already...
Yes... he had to leave early today...sorry. But i'm making your favorite waffles and omelets!
Really? ... *sigh* I still wish dad was here tho...
I know honey. But he has to for a reason just like every one and every thing.

[Later that day]

Oh hi miss Jess! are you.. ok? Your shaking...
I'm fine Vex. I'm just a little nev-nervous.
It's going to be just fine Jessaca. I'm sure that once the court makes its finale...
AND WHAT IF THEY FIND ME BEFORE THEN??! THEN WHAT? *sob* i just... i just want to be free... from all of this..
I know. I know... Vicks go in side and get Jess some tea. Ok?

[a few minutes later]

Well at least she stopped crying...and she is finally getting some rest. she really gona be ok mom?
I sure hope so honey... i sure hope so.

[and just 10 minutes later]

Oh honey could you get my gloves i think i left them inside the house.
Ok i'll get um for ya! hmm where are...Ah there they are! *KNOCK* KNOCK* huh wonder who that is... GHAAk MOM~!
Vicks?! Whats...
Don't move... now tell us where the run a way is.
Like i'd tell you. Plus you know this is the home of a US general. He'll. Hunt. You. Down.
Heh like we didn't know that. To bad he's not here. Plus by the time he finds out...we'll be long gone.
Found her!
Haha what the hell was that? Slag? Fragers? Sorry kid but the only place she's going is strait to hell right after we're done with you and your mom over there.
NO!PLEASE STOP ITS ME YOU WANT!! please just...*slam*
Just shut it slut. Is every thing ready?
Yes. we're ready when ever you are.
Good. Well now miss looks like its time to say good bye... *bang*
MOM~!! NO mom... please mom... g-get get up. mom?
YoUR Not geting away that easy!! *BANG*
What the hell how hard is it to kill this bitch?
she must wearing a vest! *BANG* graahk
Mom! Your bleeding.
Vex i need you to  listen to me. I need you to go to the safe house and wait for your father... GO NOW!
Mom... i
Please... vicks go...
Dang we can't get a clear shot.
Then i think its time we just let the evidence burn...
I you Vicks. good bye...

[as Vicks ran for the safe house as the flames of his past raged like a storm slowly engulfing every thing]
Is a sad place... Freedom? Jobs? Hopes? Dreams? Fun? Not any more... I don't know why they are doing this but i do know we can ether fight this or move on. I was here for the beginning of youtube and now i will be here for its end. I can not fight but... i will do what i can to help.
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